Commercial Waste

At Container Waste we know there is no ‘one size fits all’ commercial waste management solution. Instead Container Waste takes a total systems approach, establishing how your business operates, what services are already in place and what your business requirements are. We then tailor a waste management solution to the needs of your business regardless of its size.

We understand that each industry has its own waste collection demands and challenges. Container Waste’s wealth of local Canterbury experience, and our commitment to increasing resource recovery within Canterbury’s commercial and industrial markets can assist our customers achieve their goals of waste minimization.

Container Waste is the only independent operator hauling waste into the Kate Valley Landfill daily. Our advanced fleet of truck and trailer units servicing Kate Valley incorporate a full range of safety features and all meet Euro Emissions Standards, among most stringent emissions standard in the world.

Special waste

Container Waste services the “special waste” industry and are experts in the field within the Canterbury region. We have open top containers in 15m and 30m sizes that are specifically designed to accommodate the various types of waste that are disposed of in the landfill. We also have available crane rated skips in 2 sizes for more challenging waste removal jobs that your business may encounter.

General waste haulage

We have recently expanded into general waste haulage and disposal and can supply your business with compactor containers for your general waste haulage to the landfill.

Want to know more? For an obligation-free quote quote or more information about our commercial collection, material recovery facility and recycling services, contact Customer Services on Phone: 0800 800 005 or,  Darryn on Mobile: 027 448 6006.

We understand the demolition and construction industries. So whether you’re constructing multi-storey buildings, planning a shop re-fit or completing a domestic renovation, we offer a complete range of skip and bin services.

Skip and bin hire

Our Skip and bin options range from small skips suitable for residential site cleanups through to very large bins, suitable for oversize industrial and commercial waste.

Crane rated skips

We can supply crane rated Skips in two sizes, 3.5m³ & 7.5m³.

Container Waste provides a range of special waste disposal services, including collection. We can ensure your business remains compliant with rigid safety and environmental regulations.

15m3 hook lift containers

15m3 hook lift containers are the most commonly used size available, they can be used for transporting concrete, soil waste, special waste- asbestos, industrial sludges, animal by products and quarantine waste.

30m3 hook lift containers

30m3 hook lift containers are great for Demolition waste, Quarantine waste, woodchip transport and any other type of bulk waste transport.

40m3 hook lift containers

40m3 hook lift containers are perfect for the transport of bulk products such as woodchips for boiler fuel or calf bedding